About SEMF

At South Eastern Master Farriers we are all about making your life as a horse owner as easy as possible.

  • We offer all of our clients the convenience of a regular booking-in schedule.
  • We appreciate that your time is valuable and our regular clients will testify as to our punctuality.
  • Whether it's trimming the old pony or hot-fitting top level performance horses our team has the skill, competence and experience.
  • We are always happy to discuss your preferred shoeing or trimming methods.
  • Our team of farriers regularly attend clinics and seminars in order to keep up to date with the latest advances in veterinary science and technology.


Quality Products

South Eastern Master Farriers prides itself on using only the highest quality of products for the horses we work on. From the very best shoes and nails right through to the tools of the trade we only use the best.

Going Green

We all like to try and do our bit to help the environment. We keep our bookings in a localised area on any particular day in order to cut down on fuel usage. Further, we donate our used shoes, rasps and old tools to local artists who make some wonderful art works from them.