Hot or cold shoeing:

Whilst we generally prefer to hot shoe, the team at South Eastern Master Farriers (SEMF) believe both forms of shoeing have their advantages and are always happy to discuss your preferred method.

Hoof trimming:

We are always happy to recommend to owners that they leave their horses and ponies in the more natural state of being barefoot, provided that the horse can be comfortable in its work. After all, why shoe unless you need to? Trimming and balancing the horses' feet is the most critical part of farrier work in terms of providing long term soundness, comfort and optimum performance for your horse. It is also the most difficult part to get right. Having a strong understanding of anatomy and the function of the hoof mechanism allows us to balance the feet so as to achieve the best possible result for you and your horse.

Surgical and remedial shoeing:

SEMF are familiar with many of the diseases of the lower leg including laminitis, founder, ringbone, sidebone, and navicular syndrome and will happily work along side of your vet to assist in keeping horses with these problems sound or help bring them back to soundness. It is one of the great joys of our trade to see a previously unsound horse come back in full work with no pain!!

Hoof re-builds:

New products such as Equithane and Equi-Cast allow us to perform anything from a total hoof re-build to fixing unsightly chips, splits and cracks. We keep up to date with new products as they come into the market and with the methods of using them.