Remedy for a serious case of founder

Hi Shane,

I just want to thank you for the dramatic improvement my Shetland pony has made since you became her farrier. 

Due to a serious case of founder and neglect she was going to be sent to the knackery when I rescued her. An X-Ray showed she had severe rotation of her pedal bones in both front feet. 
A barefoot farrier took her on, however, months later she hadn't shown any improvement and was still quite lame and had difficulty walking. 

I had almost lost hope when I asked you to take over the care of her feet. After our first trim I was elated to see her walking so comfortably, so quickly. 

I'm overjoyed to say she now walks with a happy spring in her step and is able to canter (and gallop!) around her paddock.
I can't thank you enough for helping to save the life of a well deserving, much loved Shetland pony. Our only trouble now is
getting to the paddock before you do. You're the only farrier I've ever come across who is always on time!

Thank you so much from Angela Antoniou & Cuddles.

cuddles before

cuddles before

Cuddles After

Cuddles After

Extensive support

Our business is teaching students about horses and with a herd of 30 plus, ranging from ponies to thoroughbreds, including of course a Clydie X, a good farrier is a must. Shane, over the hundreds of visits made to our venue, you have always provided extensive support. I regard you as an important member of our team. You certainly deliver first class attention to our horse's well-being.

Not only do you care for their hoofs on a regular basis, but you offer accurate and sensible solutions to the various challenges that owning a horse presents. Whether it is lameness, conformation issues or injury, your willingness to help find a solution is most professional. You are as your motto says Prompt, Reliable and Professional!!!

I enjoy the fact that every visit leaves me with a little bit more knowledge. Your keen desire to pursue and improve your skills is a credit to you. Thanks for being well above average... and there will always be a coffee, white and two, ready when you arrive.



Overcoming obstacles

Thank you Shane for all your help with Jim who has been such a challenge to shoe. First re-shaping his off fore which had a very club type shape. Then overcoming his forging problem which, along with reshaping his hooves, also meant extra visits to replace the shoe he had kicked off. The fact you are on time and reliable means I don't have to worry about not being ready for competitions and outings.

Lisa & Jim Dandy

Getting jim ready for competition

Getting jim ready for competition

"We find Shane to be totally professional in everything he does for us - his shoeing is of the highest standard, he is easy to deal with, flexible and always punctual - pretty much all one needs!"

Inez Musgrove

“4 rotated feet”

“Our miniature horse, Kahlua, founded badly in all 4 feet after an early flush of spring grass. Four vets later and with no solution, we found Shane, who advised us to have a digital X-Ray of his feet. This showed that he had rotation in all 4 feet. It was not looking good! However, Shane sprang into action and after 2 hours Kahlua had his feet trimmed and was wearing 4 individually moulded rubber shoes. Effectively providing him with high heels and giving him instant pain relief. Our boy has not looked back. All 4 feet are now clear and their is no sign of any lamination.

We can’t thank Shane enough for his care, advice and heart. It is obvious how much he loves horses and that, coupled with his huge knowledge, has given us back our perky little lawnmower. We are lucky to have found him and we appreciate his professionalism, his empathy and kindness.”

Rosemary and Michael
Crib Point


saving kahlua

saving kahlua

Working with strong personalities

Thanks for your patience with Vander over the years (black) who I know likes to test the boundaries (as well as get in a nip when you're not looking), and your understanding with my 30 year old horse Buster (chestnut).

Vander, Buster & Lisa





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